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Who Is Air Movement Systems

Air Movement Systems is the only company that developed a patented air flow system containing a low velocity, vortex (tornado like) column of air that "Keeps the Heat at Your Feet"™. This column of air heats the floor where the heat (or BTU's) are retained and reuse again. As you heat the floor with the Air Movement Systems, a Thermal Recovery System, the floor becomes a heat exchanger allowing heat to transfer back into the building from this stored heat, giving you a 30% return on your heating bill.

In the summer, this has the opposite effect. The floor retains the heat and transfers it into the earth due to the earth being cooler below the floor. This heat that is retained in the floor is transferred to the earth through Delta T. This gives you a 25% return on your cooling season because heat will always go to cold. Since the earth is 55 degrees below the floor, the heat naturally transfers to it thus making the earth a giant heat sink. What you will experience is the theory of Delta T at work!

When the Air Movement Thermal Recovery System brings down the hotter and dryer air from the ceiling and mixes it with the more humidified air, it homogenizes and dry's the air. The Air Movement System unit balances the air in the space to the same temperature through-out and lowering the humidity by as much as 40% depending on ceiling height. When you balance the air and humidity using the Air Movement Thermal Recovery System, it conditions the air by mixing all the air in the space and eliminating stratification in the entire space. This is how the Air Movement Systems can make an 85 degree building feel like 72 degrees with no air condition and no objectionable breeze.

The follow illustration below show the difference between an organized column of air versus a standard ceiling fan with unorganized airflow

Unorganized Airflow
Fan Compare

Organized Airflow
AMS Column

Air Movement Thermal Recovery System

The Air Movement Thermal Recovery System is the leader and manufacturer of an energy saving airflow system that reuses the energy your already paid for by recirculating and destratifing all of the air in the building. This thermal recovery system allows customers to achieve total room control, total comfort, cleaner air, and it "Keeps the Heat at Your Feet". This process gives you at least a 30% HVAC energy savings, by slowing down energy lost and reuses the BTU's over and over, Our system works for both heating and cooling. Our patented airflow system is environmentally sound, cost effective and is an innovative technology.

The customer base for Air Movement Systems consists of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Retail, Warehouses, Supermarkets, Convenient Stores and the Hospitality Industry; such as, restaurants and coffee shops.


Air Movement Thermal Recover Systems is an innovative energy efficient patented airflow technology that focuses on adjusting the quality of air in an environment which replaces standard air movement devices or fans. Any space that requires heating or cooling will utilize energy thereby making the Air Movement Thermal Recovery System a practical means of reducing HVAC energy costs.

The Product

Air Movement Thermal Recovery System is a patented system that creates the "Vortex Column".

Our product is a thermal de-stratification device capable of reducing heating and cooling costs in any application as well as improving comfort.

Conventional industrial and commercial air flow devices are dictated by specific blade and motor laws in all residential, commercial and industrial ventilation applications. The Air Movement Thermal Recovery System ("Vortex Column") illuminates that limitation, because all buildings are not alike and all air flow devices are not alike. No other system is available that can possibly be used to satisfy requirements for all design applications except for the Air Movement Thermal Recovery System.

Defined as a thermal recovery, air circulating and an air temperature equalizing system, Air Movement Systems is now replacing the need for expensive and out of date commercial and industrial air circulating devices. Air Movement Systems is now becoming the No.1 energy-saving device of choice.

Our thermal recovery system have undergone over 10 years of testing in selected restaurants, coffee shops, warehouses, schools, manufacturing plants etc. Testing results provided by both our consultants and outside testing firms. Test results provided by Enbridge Gas Company of Canada (who has a longer heating season) show a savings of 30% or more on heating and air conditioning costs. Our units not only save energy, but they also add much needed comfort by providing total air control through the space.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage of the Air Movement Thermal Recovery System is its ability to provide an exclusive low cost energy efficiency systems that actually saves customers money on their heating and cooling bills and creates a monthly positive cash flow in most cases while providing comfort for their customers and employees.

In the past, tenants and building owners have used old technology such as conventional ceiling fans, commercial ceiling fans and costly air exchange equipment to try and provide comfort and reduce energy costs.

The cost of air flow devices and the amount needed to fulfill this requirement made the task of reducing energy half as effective.

This is because regular fans were created to cool and create drafts, causing discomfort particularly in winter months. Air conversion equipment sold by other companies are expensive; the least expensive unit is priced around $3000, and they also consume more energy to reduce heat loss. In many cases the installation of these units require alteration to the building's structure.


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