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What We Do

The Air Movement Systems is designed to:

Reduce the operating costs of your existing heating and air conditioning system (HVAC) through proper air management by destratification. Air Movement Systems reuses the existing energy you produced by your HVAC systems, keeping your therms longer in your space before they leave by natural exchange of heat goes to cold or Delta T.

Create a comfortable environment for staff and customers, regardless of outside temperatures or indoor refrigeration units such as coolers and freezers

Work in concert with your current HVAC system utilizing heat at the ceiling and cold at the floor and gently mixing them for a more controlled atmosphere.

Heat your space in a stratified condition. You have to generate a great deal of heat for an extended period of time to fill the space with warm air form the floor to the ceiling, likewise with air conditioning, you have to blow in cool air from the floor to ceiling

The ideal situation is to mix the hot air at the ceiling with the cool air at the floor, by moving the air in a way that equalizes the temperatures. This can be accomplished by using the proprietary Air Movement Thermal Recovery System. The thermal recovery system creates a passive vortex (tornado like) column of air from the ceiling to the floor. This vortex strikes the floor, ( the heat is then stored in the floor) causing the air to move horizontally until it strikes a fixture or wall. The air stream is then redirect vertically back to the ceiling to reenter the thermal recovery system to begin the process again.

Why is Air Movement Systems so special?

Air Movement Systems moves air at a velocity and in a direction that is unobtrusive to people walking through or standing under a unit. The effect is, Air Movement Systems puts the heat at your feet by a controlled breeze rather that a draft, forming an insulation barrier that protects the space from outside air such as an open entryway or chilled air from freezers.

By "Keeping the Heat at Your Feet"™, it gives you a balance of all the air inside the space from the ceiling to the floor. By balancing all the air to become the same Temperature, this allows the heating and cooling system to gently mix the condition air from the heating and cooling unit to the air that is in motion that has the same temperature through out the space resulting in all point control of the air inside your space instead of single point control at the thermostat. With single point control, the thermostat location will be the only spot that is at the exact temperature while other parts of the space will either be warmer or cooler due to the stratified air. When the air is not moving it becomes stagnant

Air Movement Systems works in conjunction with properly placed thermostat sensors that will bring the space to the set temperature quicker and maintain temperature.

Typically, HVAC systems are designed and fitted to the size of the building plan. Rarely is the HVAC system designed for the finished, furnished and occupied building. The Air Movement System moves air in a specific space, taking into account door openings and closings, fixtures, shelving units, isle widths, occupants, open coolers or cases and freezers, and its all done within the configuration of your current HVAC system.

Air Movement Systems will work in concert with your current:

  • HVAC systems
  • Existing floor plan
  • Thermostat locations (we will recommend ideal locations if needed).

With Air Movement Systems, customers and employees stay comfortable

With lower mold, mildew and humidity, it is easier to maintain an even temperature in your Air Movement System environment. Customers and employees will be more comfortable. But comfort isn't the only factor to consider. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, employees in the retail food industry were sick an average of 24 days in 2000. Sick time cost money! Air Movement Systems provides a healthier environment and it costs less to operate than your current system.

Some of the Benefits of Air Movement Systems are:

  • Cost and Energy Savings of up to 30% and more
  • Healthier Environment
  • Fewer Employee Sick Days
  • Increase Comfort Level
  • Decrease Sick Building Syndrome
  • Eliminate Ductwork in New Buildings
  • Have Total Room Control
  • Eliminate Space Heaters under Desks
  • Eliminate Smoke through dilution
  • Makes Your Smoke Eaters More Efficient

What we consider and address:

  1. Is your store or buildings HVAC system balance?
  2. Has the floor plan changed since the HVAC system was installed? If so, how significantly?
  3. Has new equipment been added, such as freezers or coolers?
  4. Are the diffusers the right design for the application?
  5. Is the air handling unit sized correctly for the current application?
  6. Are the thermostat sensors positioned to accurately respond to the change in temperatures?
  7. How often do the front doors open and how much does the outside environment invade the
  8. Is the HVAC system able to compensate for the front door air intrusion? If so at what cost?

At Air Movement Systems, Inc, we're specialists in the air movement management. Our standard approach to all of the above questions as we engineer each project based on ASHRAE formulations. We believe in air flow management for energy efficiency and for occupant comfort. And we believe in doing it at a cost that makes sense, with a technology that provides easy installation, serviceability and maintain.

Air Movement Thermal Recover System

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to service
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Minimal Cost

We can reduce your operating costs which increase your profit and create a healthier environment with a system that is easy to install that will fit your budget.


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