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  AMS Thermal Recovery System™


General Applications & Specification:

Building Retrofit: Conservation and Comfort
The Commercial unit works both in heating and cooling situations, circulating air only within the zone and does not take air from above the ceiling. Typical HVAC systems marginally provide thermal delivery by a system of ducts and diffusers to the zone and give rise to poor heating / cooling utility never delivering the benefits of comfort through proper air handling with resultant de stratification. This AMS system will also maximize the poor performance of ventilators on heat recovery by volumetric movement of the air usually trapped and recovered only back to the ceiling, an ineffective treatment.

New Construction: Ductwork Elimination, Conservation and Comfort
Ductwork can be totally eliminated in most single floor constructions. Engineers need only specify and deliver heat to a zone controlled by AMS's delivery systems. Heat loss calculations need to be reassessed when sizing HVAC units to account for the use of the thermal mass of floor, right-sizes cooling distribution and the de stratification that minimizes delta-T, the motivating force for thermal loss across a ceiling.

Total Room Control - Delta-T Controlled
The thermostat control in a zone, in most installations, is viewed as a single point control device with comfort only achieved at the T-stat. With AMS Thermal Recovery System™ this T-stat becomes an “all point control” setting - with every molecule achieving the same temperature floor to ceiling with maximum thermal performance called “Total Room Control.”

Structural Application
This Commercial unit (unfiltered) delivers performance within building designs with up to a 20 foot suspended ceiling. The instillation is flush with the ceiling tile or can be mounted decoratively to any flat surface and blends into the surroundings. Only the front is visible when mounted into a standard ceiling tile area and appears as a typical diffuser. The footprint serves primarily a 2' x 2' area and may be 2' x 4' in some conditions when more mixing volume is needed.


Mixing the air through its patented Flowing Air Circulation Technology achieves air temperature de stratification for a typical primarily unobstructed area covering up to 2500 square feet. This management of the air temperature maximizes BTU usage by minimizing heat loss and maximizing comfort and control. The process of de stratification by the AMS thermal recovery system™ has been shown to save at least 30% in rooms only 8 foot in height - more if higher. The de stratification process equalizes the temperature from floor to ceiling within 1 to 2 degrees without any wind-chill due to its laminar vortex distribution. The thermal properties of conduction, convection, and radiation are utilized to maximize zone comfort and energy use.

Installation & Service
Installations follow local codes. Units can be custom designed to provide longer service life for applications in high dust areas. Servicing in 2-5 years may be typical between cleanings but these units may go 10 years with the 2' x 4' installation without significant loss of performance. These units in dusty settings deliver reduced cost of ownership for maintenance. Compare this to multiple annual cleanings of most air moving systems. A wind speed device (anemometer) can measure performance (airflow) to assure full benefits are being achieved. A kit can be ordered to retrofit older installations for ease of service. This package includes a new grid and 4 grid alignment servicing in ½ the time.

Performance Parameters and Dimensions
Standard Commercial Units feature a long life shaded pole motor with iron frame and sealed self-lubricating bearing. Operating Voltage is either 120 or 220. The 110V motor operates as a Single phase, 60 hertz, 1.0 full load amps, 1/47th hp and a 1550-rpm maximum. A speed controller is optionally available. Thermostatic local control may also be added. The Fan Blade is glass filled nylon with integral hub. The Housing is a white enamel coated sheet steel and may be custom painted or decorated for esthetics. The grill is a directionally oriented product. Shipping weight is 17 pounds and the container size is 7.5” x 25” x 25” cardboard. The Decibel level is 51A at 12ft. De stratification is achieved in 30 minutes or less and thermal equilibrium within a couple of days. Operation is continuous.

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