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We are now a new and improved green friendly Product. Air Movement Systems will reduce your heating and air conditioning cost by up to 30% or more and now clean the air with our new patented clean air solution using Hydroxyl Radicals to clean the air.

We're all about Air Movement.

Improve air quality in your business and in your home or business by using the number 1 product in America, the AMS, a thermal recovery system.

In Canada, the original Equality Air systems was Nominated for Canada's National Energy Efficiency Award,.

AMS, a thermal recovery system and an energy efficient product is designed, and patented on a unique air movement system. The new Air Movement Thermal Recovery System works to compliment new or existing heating and cooling system. You don't have to alter any part of your building or HVAC system to benefit and save as much as 30% or more in energy costs. Click here for more information


Are you paying too much for cooling, heating and humidity control? Save a minimum of 30% with a proven technology!

There is 28 years of proven success proving that by destratifying the air in a room, you can save as much as 30% on your heating and cooling. Air Movement System, a thermal recovery system built and improved on the same technology, taps the power of air flow to create thermal equality in your home or business. As in the picture below depicts, the power of air is tremendous. The Thermal Equalizer (by Air Movement Systems) is a safe, affordable way to harness the power of air to your benefit.

Power of Air

The Power of Air

AMS, a Thermal Recovery System is the leader and manufacturer of an energy saving airflow system that circulates and de stratifies air in any building. This thermal equalizing system allows customers to achieve all room total energy control from a single thermostat instead of a single thermostat control, that gives you total comfort, cleaner air, healthier environment. We also help in increase productivity, decreasing sick building syndrome, and can help eliminate up to 90% of the ductwork in buildings. We do this by "Keeping the Heat at Your Feet". This new and improved process gives you at least a 30% HVAC energy savings, by slowing down energy lost and reuses the BTU's over and over, Our system works for both heating and cooling. Our patented airflow system is environmentally sound, cost effective and is an innovative technology.


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